Video Rali de Portugal 2013



Algarve Tourism Competitiveness Research Fernando Perna, Maria J.  Custódio e Pedro Gouveia

Destination Competitiveness an overview of some issues Larry Dwyer

Video Rali de Portugal 2013


Welcome Note

Since its creation in 1979, the University of Algarve has developed intense work in the knowledge domain with special incidence on tourism activity, giving privilege to the multi-disciplinary and integration in the study of territories with multiple values and needs.

The formal creation of the International Centre of Territory and Tourism Research (CIITT), in January 2005, highlights this effort and commitment with the community. The knowledge evolution has, on this R&D Centre, a space where the scientific independence is not confused with isolation. Here we try with strictness and responsibility to develop knowledge, to share and apply it for the good of everybody, in a position where international, institutional and business partnerships are assumed as necessary conditions for the use of tourism as a prosecution tool of regions sustainable tourism principles.

To invest on the tourism oriented scientific research is to live the privilege of sharing the territory with the object of study. Welcome to the International Centre of Territory and Tourism Research.

The Coordinator of the CIITT
Fernando Perna